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Travel to …a big hole in the ground

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Well, really, that’s what the Grand Canyon is: It is a one-mile hole in the ground that is over a mile above sea level that stretches for nearly 300 miles.  But it is vast and a testament to what nature can do over the eons of time that the earth has evolved.

Grand Canyon - just a very small part of the vast view

A trip to the Grand Canyon is a “must see” when you travel out West in the USA.  Arizona recognizes it as one of its finest attractions by designating itself the “Grand Canyon State” on license plates. (more…)

Travel to the Wild in Arizona

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

This week, I promised something unusual.  Although this posting is a little later than usual, I ‘m keeping my promise.

In Arizona, south of Phoenix, the Gila Indian Reservation has some welcomed guests – wild horses.  Although during some seasons, you might not see them, these wild creatures may be viewed just along the highway.  Invariably, I haven’t had my camera with me, but sometimes I have managed to get some photos.

Wild horses

Wild horses watching us watching them

The Gila Indian Reservation has vast acreage where the animals are able to roam – somewhat – free.  (The lands are fenced from the roads to keep the horses safe and people out of these private lands.)  Since the Gila River Indian Communities are good stewards of their lands, the horses literally have free reign – and no reins in open areas.  In warmer weather, the horses take refuge in more sheltered area, but often in the spring, they can be seen in plain view.

How many major metropolitan areas can claim such a refreshing and unusual glimpse of such an inspiring sight?

Wild horses see us and leave

Next week we’ll offer another, lesser known, but scenic, Arizona spot.

Coming soon: If you’ve just been thinking of traveling and would – at least secretly – consider yourself a Couch Potato – you’ll be excited when we launch our new e-book.  We’ll share more next time.

Traveling the “Loops” in Phoenix

Monday, August 16th, 2010

The first time I flew into Phoenix, I was amazed at how spread out the metropolitan area is.   From west to east, Buckeye to Apache Junction, the metropolitan area of Phoenix, with all its suburbs, easily reaches 70 miles.

In some giant US cities, they build up with multi-storied skyscrapers. But, with the vast spaces available in Arizona, they have built out and even have had height restrictions on how high buildings can be built.

So, welcome to Phoenix.  Spread out and still in the desert.

Saguaro cacti and mountains are a short ride from the hustle and bustle


Travel to Boise – more on a great city

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Over the years, we’ve been in many cities, both capitals and smaller cities.  Boise, Idaho ranks high in our estimation as one of the most attractive downtowns we’ve seen.

With a population of over 200,000, Boise still seems like an accessible and people-friendly place to live, raise children, work, and enjoy leisure time.


Travel to Idaho Falls, Idaho

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

A stopover on the way to Yellowstone, Idaho Falls was a great place to take in some scenery.  Some of the scenery is manmade, but the falls on the Snake River are impressive, anyway.

We used our time for R ‘n R and a business visit, but we enjoyed the peaceful community and the friendly people we met.

Since we were staying at the Ameritel Inn near the falls, we had an opportunity to see the falls close up.  There is a walking greenbelt on both sides of the falls that gives you a chance to see the falls from many different vantage points.

The Falls at Idaho Falls

The falls - at Idaho Falls