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German Travel – the Wrong Way

Traveling in Germany with a friend, neither of us was fully conversant in the German language.  So, it is no surprise that we saw a number of “Einbahnstrasse” signs and did not register what that meant. 

My friend Pam and I were heading down the Einbahnstrasse (ONE WAY STREET) – she claims she was driving – and we came head to head with a bus. The bus was front to front with our little vehicle.  They wouldn’t budge.  And, we were so close to the end of the street!

Meanwhile, a crowd had gathered at the wurst stand on the side of the street.  They were cheering us on!

The bus, however, would not back up so we could get to the end of the street and on a street facing the correct direction.

Carefully, we backed up about 75% of the street’s length with the bus following us.  We returned to the proper direction, with the wurst stand crowd cheering us the whole way.

We never did that again!

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