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Travel around Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, a major city in British Columbia with a population of over 2 million, has an amazingly diverse group of neighborhoods. We never saw any rundown homes, but we did see many panhandlers, especially in downtown areas.

One panhandler startled us, since she appeared so well to do and polished. She approached us, we thought asking for the time, but instead she asked for some money. We saw street musicians, some quite talented, performing for money.

The panhandlers were most disconcerting at times, especially one who appeared disabled, who suddenly appeared two blocks from where we had last seen him. We ambled, window-shopping and sightseeing. He was planted in his new location almost too quickly for someone who appeared disabled. I must have a kind face, because most of the people walked right up to me. I carry no cash, so I was not in a position to help them even if I had wanted to.

Some neighborhoods

We made a point of traveling around to see some of the neighborhoods mentioned in the travel guides with evocative names like Gastown, Yaletown, Chinatown, Kitsilano, and Granville Island.


Charming shops in Gastown

Charming shops in Gastown

Named after “Gassy Jack,” this section of town has some specialty shops and restaurants. Cobblestone streets and glass globe lights line the main street. The most distinctive feature of Gastown is the steam clock, which plays music every quarter hour and spouts steam on the hour. Tourists all jockey for a photo op, as did I. Supposedly, the city was looking for a way to cover a vent from the steam system, which heated buildings.

Steam clock

Steam clock at work

Steam Clock in Gastown

Steam Clock in Gastown

The steam clock is unique and so is the crowd that gathers. Everyone seems oblivious to the other tourists waiting to photograph the clock. We waited.

Right across the street from the clock on Water Street is the Water Street Café. With white tablecloth service, we had a delightful meal with attentive service. My potato gnocchi with proscuitto, shrimp, and butternut sage sauce was scrumptious and such an abundant portion I was only able to eat half.


Unusual architecture in Gastown

Unusual architecture in Gastown



Just a few blocks over from Gastown, we drove briefly through Chinatown. Signage was in Chinese lettering. The banners on the streetlights also reflected an Asian flair.

Chinatown shops

Chinatown shops

Chinatown  with signs and banners

Chinatown with signs and banners

 Come back tomorrow as we visit downtown Vancouver and some other neighborhoods.

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