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Travel to More of Bend, OR

Bend has an interesting shopping area that was salvaged from a real old mill, a lumber mill.  

Called the Old Mill District, it has become the center for some upscale shopping, restaurants and  events.  

In an effort to be evocative, the old smokestacks are still there and there is a sign that says, “Can you smell the sawdust?”

Old Mill District

Old Mill District

Well, the saw dust is long gone, but the appeal of the district remains.  A picturesque bridge leads across the water to the Les Schwab Amphitheater.  The very Oregon-like effort to keep people outdoors and healthy is noticeable as there are marked trail signs.  In an effort to commemorate the movers and shakers of the community,  there are some small concrete stanchions that have labeling.  One we noticed said,


Bridge to Les Schwab Amphitheater

Bridge to Les Schwab Amphitheater

“Vince Gennna – 1921-2007. Father of Bend’s Park System – The trail you are on is because of Vince.”  

Aww, that’s a nice gesture!

Dining hit – no miss!

There are a number of restaurants, but we chose – unwisely – (to paraphrase an Indiana Jones movie) Allyson’s Kitchen, which has a cafe in the back of their kitchen store.  I would call the food so-so at best.  The salad I ordered had wilted, mangy even, lettuce.  When I brought it to the attention of one of the servers, she picked through what was available – clearly past its prime.   I wished we had gone to Greg’s Grill as my husband wanted.  (I was trying to stay on my diet and thought I would be too tempted at a fancier restaurant.)

Old Mill District

Old Mill District

In general the Old Mill District is a well-designed area with attractive shops, offices, and housing – a mixed-use location.  With shops like Banana Republic, Gap and other upscale shops, it is a fun place to shop.   And, of course, there is the ubiquitous (they’re everywhere! they’re everywhere!) “O” Duck Store for all things University of Oregon.

The O Duck Store - all things University of Oregon

The "O" Duck Store - all things University of Oregon

After lunch and an amble around the shops, we headed out.  

Tomorrow: We take the scenic drive to the Cascades and Mt. Bachelor.  Don’t miss the views!

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