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Travel to Powell’s, the Mecca for Books

We admit it. We love books.

Powell’s – For anyone who loves books

Probably the most exciting place for a person who loves books is Powell’s City of Books. “City of Books” sounds like an exaggeration, but by the time you explore the main location, with its multiple floors and many nooks and crannies, you feel like it could be a city.


At Powells entrance - sell books

At Powell's entrance - "sell books"


Powells City of Books

Powell's City of Books

There are several other Powell’s locations, including one at the airport, “your first or last chance to shop at Powell’s,” says their “Welcome to Portland” brochure. For anyone looking for technical information, they also have another location with tech books!

Not just new books, there are used books as well. You can find a room full of cookbooks – categorized by type of cuisine, even, and so many different variations on a theme that you can get lost! There are history books – of many countries, time periods and some in languages other than English. There are humor books, children’s books, and gadgets to accompany books (bookmarks, covers, etc.)


Often, they have author events. I know because I receive their e-mails and hear about these events frequently.

They brag about having over 1 million books at their main location alone and being open 365 days a year. Amazingly, every clerk we talked with was cheerful and knowledgeable. No musty old bookstore, Powell’s is clean, well-lit and – BIG. I repeat BIG.

There are elevators, but take your vitamins before you go. You could find that the category of book you’re looking for has been moved to a new location.
I just about had to be dragged out kicking – no screaming, though. Although it is not a library, the noise volume is very low. People are quiet as they look for their treasures.

Checking out is efficient, too. I had two items and, even with about seven people in line ahead of me, I think I was finished in less than five minutes.
Sometimes, you can be too efficient. I would have liked an excuse to stay longer and look around more!

The Portland Streetcar comes right to Powell’s and the bus (TriMet) and lightrail (MAX) are within five blocks.

Powell’s is at the edge of the Pearl District, which we’ll visit soon.
Don’t leave Portland without visiting!

Tomorrow… A visit to Portland’s Saturday Market

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