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Travel to Charming Prescott, AZ

Prescott has charm.  It is absolutely undeniable.  When you first see Prescott (pronounced Pres – CUT), you have the feeling that you’d really like to live there.  Warm and friendly with quirky shops and a town square around the courthouse, Prescott is a great place to visit.Also, during the holiday season, Prescott does wonderful decorations with lights galore.  We just had to see it dressed in its holiday finery.  Although we’ve been to Prescott a number of times, we never had been there during the holidays.  So, we’re sharing our experience with you this week like a big, giant present.

Today, we share some of what we’ve learned about Prescott, a really interesting city.

Infamous and picturesque

In downtown Prescott, commerce is centered around the courthouse, as well as newer developments along the main highway, Route 69 (which comes west from Interstate 17). 

Yavapai County Courthouse - Prescott

Yavapai County Courthouse - Prescott

On Montezuma Street in downtown, which runs on the west side of the block with the courthouse, you will see the famous and infamous Whiskey Row.   A century ago, it was the hotbed for activity and housed as many as 50 saloons and bars on the one block!

Whiskey Row

Whiskey Row

In the early 1900s, the street burned, but was quickly rebuilt.  The street and the Hotel St. Michael at the corner hosted famous people like the old movie star Tom Mix, and politicians like Barry Goldwater and Teddy Roosevelt during the 20th century.

Nowadays, there are art and antique shops, pubs, restaurants, a hotel and other shops to explore.  You could take hours just to travel to all of the shops and establishments in the one block!

Just a couple of blocks west of Whiskey Row, another part of Prescott’s history comes alive …

Important to Arizona

Prescott figured in Arizona’s history and, at one time, was even the capital of territorial Arizona.  If you visit the Sharlot Hall Museum (named after a real person named  - you guessed it – Sharlot Hall), you will see a home that was once the Arizona territorial governor’s as well as some historical exhibits begun by Ms Hall.

(Former) Governors Mansion at Sharlot Hall Museum

(Former) Governor's Mansion at Sharlot Hall Museum

The grounds of the museum contain a number of buildings, plantings, research libraries and, often, some fairs and festivals that highlight native and local crafts as well as music.

Gift Shop at Sharlot Hall Museum

Gift Shop at Sharlot Hall Museum

Even children will find the exhibits interesting as they show how people lived years ago.

For a city of only about 43,000 population, there is a lot going on in Prescott most of the year.  They feature events around the courthouse, like fantastic art fairs and many gatherings, like their lighting ceremony for the holidays.

Also of interest, Prescott is famous for being  the location for the world’s oldest rodeo!  Quite a history for a town that now serves as the most charming place to visit and is rampant with quaint shops, places to eat and hotels.

Come back tomorrow and we’ll show you some of the special holiday decorations in Prescott.

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