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10 Things We Could Use LESS of in Travel

Thinking back on 2009, a very hectic year of travel, there are a number of items that could make traveling a more pleasurable experience for everyone.  I’m sure many people could add to this list. (Feel free to write in and add your comments!)

  1. At restaurants, I’m sure we’d all love to hear less of the new catch-phrase- “How is your food tasting?”  In the last year, it seems that everyone has been to a seminar that tells wait staff to ask that question.  Frankly, I’d be happier if wait staff just asked if we needed anything or if everything was cooked as we requested.  If things taste terrible, people will usually say so.  If things are only a little yucky we might “suck it up,” but never return.
  2. Also, regarding restaurants, I wish, especially at high-end restaurants, that the wait staff would wait, meaning leave us alone more. Whoever is dining came for the experience, not to be interrupted constantly. Come by less often so we have a chance to actually experience the food. How many times have you been putting your very first morsel in your mouth, only to be asked, “How is the food tasting?” (See #1 above).  I would sometimes like to react sarcastically – “I don’t know.  If you actually gave me some time to try the food, then I could answer.”
  3. On airlines – well, I could write a book on how airlines need to change.  First, they could stop hiding charges and just tell us what it will cost us to take their illustrious airline to reach our destination.  Maybe they could go with a tiered list – like a menu – Group A – pay for the following for these services. Group B – these are the items and services included.  ETC.
  4. The charge for reserving a seat on Allegiant particularly irked me! No matter what, we have to sit down.  So, include that in the regular fee, just give a surcharge for those who decide they must sit more forward.
  5. Also, Allegiant’s early boarding extra fee should go.  If many people decided to go for this perk, than it would negate the result the harried traveler is seeking. Pay more – get less?
  6. I don’t mind the security efforts.  I understand the need.  What I could use less of is the attitude on the part of the TSA screeners.  Although I realize they do not exactly earn the big bucks, they could still be more diplomatic.  My encounter with a Phoenix TSA person had them challenging me to call someone to prove I am the upstanding citizen I claimed to be.  I think it came down to my having thrown in one item loose (nail polish) that should have been in the clear quart bag.  Hey, people are not perfect! Less attitude, more professionalism would have been the correct way to go.
  7. Also, and this is a criticism of people who travel and general courtesy,  please cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.  Better yet, stay home if you’re really sick. When I was heading to a wedding in NYC, the woman diagonally in back of me was coughing up a storm.  This was in the height of the swine flu wave engulfing the world.  I had boosted my vitamins, but I resented her lack of consideration.  Airplanes are big germ recirculators.
  8. At hotels, I’d like to see hotels actually follow through on requests.  Less lip service, in other words. Example: If I’ve asked for no feather pillows, but had no idea that my comments would not be forwarded to the hotel from the booking Web site, please let people know that.  I have had some good experiences on my requests, especially if I booked directly with the hotel.
  9. I’d also like to see less obscure language on all booking forms that I’m signing my life away with.  Tell me in plain language what I’m agreeing to do or not do when I book a flight, sign in for a car rental, check in at a hotel.  We’re tired, in a hurry, and are likely to sign anything just to get our requested service.

10. Less waiting would be nice at all locations – car rentals, airline desks, hotels, etc.  One of the best ideas I’ve seen was the car rental person who greeted each customer as they entered and verified what they needed so things could be sped up.  In other words – you would not need to stand in line only to find out that you didn’t need to stand in that line.

Wishing all of our readers a happy, adventuresome, delightful year in travel!

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