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Traveling with the Cowboys at the Blazin’ M Ranch

Once you’ve settled down after your dinner (see previous blog), you’re ready for even more fun.  The Blazin’ M offers ”Cowboy music, poetry and tomfoolery.”  The Blazin’ M Cowboys are a rollicking, talented musical quartet – not to be missed!

They play the old cowboy tunes, like “Tumbling Tumbleweeds,” “Along the Navajo Trail,” “Cool, Clear Water,” and others that most people have heard.  The foursome does the songs well.  Here are samples – -

Man of Constant Sorrow

The Blazin\’ M Cowboys perform

(Our first video posts – we plan many more!)

The players – Bill Bassett, Jim Dufresne, Reno McCormick, and Sheila McCormick (yes, they are married – which adds to some of the razzing), put on a great show.  They have chemistry as a group and intersperse their performance with funny hats, silly stories and varied types of music.  They feature each performer as lead and the very quiet Jim Dufresne turns out to be exceptionally gifted and amazing as he plucks his guitar.  Bill Bassett has a great announcer persona and voice as well as doing his instrumentals; Reno McCormick is quite versatile as he plays violin (“fiddle”), banjo, guitar and mandolin; Sheila McCormick plays her bass with authority and has a strong, sweet voice.  The group has been playing together for about 10 years and it shows.

At one point, flashes of lightning and a ghost seem to appear and it is spooky and funny.  Another visitor is the infamous “Otis,” quite a character.  I won’t say more and spoil the fun. Be prepared – they even have a singalong!

So, if you have the opportunity to visit the Blazin M’ Ranch in Cottonwood, AZ, you’ll have a fun, family evening.  If you’re celebrating your birthday, you’ll even be called up to the front for recognition and a funny hat!   We were seated next to a woman who was there for her birthday.  She was grinning from ear to ear.

Yippee-ki-ay!  Come on down and join the fun!

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