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Travel to Idaho Falls, Idaho

A stopover on the way to Yellowstone, Idaho Falls was a great place to take in some scenery.  Some of the scenery is manmade, but the falls on the Snake River are impressive, anyway.

We used our time for R ‘n R and a business visit, but we enjoyed the peaceful community and the friendly people we met.

Since we were staying at the Ameritel Inn near the falls, we had an opportunity to see the falls close up.  There is a walking greenbelt on both sides of the falls that gives you a chance to see the falls from many different vantage points.

The Falls at Idaho Falls

The falls - at Idaho Falls

Another view of the falls

There is also a small park adjacent to the falls where their ties with a sister city are commemorated in a pagoda-like monument.  We did not have time to visit the museums and other cultural opportunities that Idaho Falls had to offer, but on a return trip, we certainly would see their art museums and center (there are three) and the Museum of Idaho.  They even have a zoo, which we love to visit, but our time was short.

This park commemorates Idaho Falls' sister city of Tokai-Mura, Japan

Near the falls

Along the falls - a bit of history in Idaho Falls

Our dinner at Jakers Restaurant, a regional chain, is worthy of mention.  We found good food and great service in a comfortable setting.  The lobster bisque had terrific flavor, and the London broil and asparagus were both tender.  My husband’s trout was flavorful and all of his accompaniments were equally well-prepared.  We happened in just in time to take advantage of the “early bird” specials, but the same items on the regular menu were not that much more expensive.  Our portions were generous, so we enjoyed our dinners without feeling that we should have gotten the full menu choices. They don’t stint on quality, as the strawberry lemonade actually included some slices of lemon.

Ameritel Inn: Nice amenities with a large indoor pool and fitness room.  The rooms included a refrigerator and had attractive furnishings.  A free hot breakfast was also included.

Let the pictures show you how amazing the falls are.  Idaho is a great place and we recommend a stopover if you’re in the vicinity.

A picturesque bridge on the Snake River

Another crossing at Snake River - Idaho Falls

Join us next week for more on Boise…

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