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Lights, Action, Camera? Travel to the Phoenix Zoolights

Sometimes you really want some splendid photos to show everyone.  The Phoenix ZooLights event, which is just finishing for the season, is one such event where you really want to show everyone the array of colors and light that are an annual holiday display.

Evolution of lights

Changing lights

Changing again

And changing yet again

Unfortunately, despite trying a number of settings on my digital camera, the photos don’t do justice to the inventiveness, whimsy and movement of the light displays that use over three million lights – mostly LED – we are assured, so they use less electricity.

An elephant

An elephant that playfully squirts water

There is a horse that seems to move, trotting along as each subsequent display is set up.  An elephant playfully squirts water. There are “dancing trees’ that are the most impressive display with colors flashing red, green, white.  There is an orb that changes colors while floating shimmering on the lake.

Dancing trees

There are hundreds of different sculptural lights displayed as everything from flowers to an enormous orangutan arch.   Children seem to be the most awed by the exhibits.  And, there are other things to experience –  Camel rides, a “Polar slide,” wagon rides, a merry-go-round and other rides.

However, in the entire zoo, only a real komodo dragon was available to be seen, since the other real animals were tucked away for the night.

ZooLights is held annually from around Thanksgiving until early in the new year during the evening hours after the zoo is closed.

Other cities have a zoolights event and it could be one of the more delightful family events that people can share.

Catch the light show next year!

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