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Disappearing Act in Hawaii

Since my husband and I have both worked for the hotel industry in our careers, we have a healthy respect for those who run hotels and the employees who really make everything function. As a result, when we travel somewhere, we do not leave our room messy when we go out for the day. We gather our stuff and stow it so they can clean the room properly.

That said, our stay at a picturesque B & B on the Big Island of Hawaii, led to some confusing reactions. We performed our customary gather and stow in our room and left for the day to enjoy the scenery and tourist attractions.Our B & B was in a rather remote location outside Hilo on the Big Island, so we did not plan to return until we had completed a chock full schedule.

Returning to our room that evening, all I wanted was to clean up, brush my teeth and go to bed. Reaching under the sink vanity for my cosmetics bag, I found …nothing! I looked everywhere in the room, including in the suitcase in the closet. Still nothing. The bag had disappeared!

Resignedly, I got my shoes on and headed downstairs to the entry to the owners’ apartment. I rang and rang and finally heard people stirring inside.

The owner came to his door, frankly startled that I was there.
“You’re still staying here?” he questioned.

“Yes, why would you think otherwise since we paid for three nights in advance?” said I.

“Well, you left your room empty and we thought maybe you had decided to leave.”
“No, we’re still here, but just got in late. Was that a problem?”

“No, not at all, but we really thought you had left.”

“Well, if you had checked the closet, our suitcase was still there.”
“Oh,” was his only reaction.

He disappeared into his house, leaving me standing at his door. When he returned, he had my toiletry bag with him.

Then he commented as he handed me the bag, “We’re not used to seeing rooms so neat. So when we cleaned the room, we saw the toiletries and figured you’d left them behind.”

I thanked him for safeguarding our possessions and left.

I also left wondering just why he thought we would leave after only one night when we had paid for three. Could it be the fact that the B & B’s Web site never mentioned that the owners had a cat that roamed about – and my husband is extremely allergic to cats?

Note: We stayed for the full three days and found that the B & B’s location was a gem. They had three waterfalls on their property!

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