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10 Things We Could Use LESS of in Travel

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Thinking back on 2009, a very hectic year of travel, there are a number of items that could make traveling a more pleasurable experience for everyone.  I’m sure many people could add to this list. (Feel free to write in and add your comments!)

  1. At restaurants, (more…)

10 Things I’d Like to See/Hear More of in Traveling

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

As a frequent traveler, the new year has me wishing for the following in my travels – actually, in general.

  1. Genuine courtesy.  Not forced, but real manners.
  2. Airlines that don’t charge for everything under the sun. Give me a real price.  Don’t I need to sit for the flight?  So, why do I need to pay for my seat?
  3. Equal opportunity security at all airports.  In one airport, I forgot to take out my quart-sized bag of 3 oz items.  They never stopped me. In another airport, they checked me until I was almost embarrassed.
  4. Restaurants that remember to ASK if you’d like anything else. I’m tired of them trying to turn tables when we’d really like to be asked about dessert.  Wait staff show up with the bill before asking. Wouldn’t they like to earn a bigger tip for dessert?
  5. Unscented bath items.  The floral scents are driving us nuts!  My husband would prefer not to smell like he was wearing a bad woman’s perfume.  I just can’t tolerate scents. We are trying to cut back on how much we carry (see #3, above.)
  6. Earlier check in times at hotels.  We never seem to get somewhere when it’s time to check in yet.  Just a coincidence of scheduling.  Sometimes hotels are ready and willing to have us check in, but sometimes not. Think about it – you rent a room for about 19 hours at some hotels – if check in time is 4 PM and check out time is 11 AM.  Do they really need all that time to clean a room? (Especially when maids come knocking on your door trying to get in early!)
  7. People turning off their cell phones when they are in theaters, meetings and gatherings.  Do they really want us to hear about all of their issues and dirty details of their life, love and hygiene?
  8. Lighting that actually lights a room.  I actually like to see to get around.  With the new LCD lights that use less wattage, that shouldn’t be such a big deal or cost to hotels.
  9. “You’re welcome” instead of service and other people saying, “No problem.”  I didn’t expect that what I’ve requested or paid for is a PROBLEM.  If I did you a favor – changed seats, offered a courtesy, etc. -Try the ever popular – THANK YOU!

10.  And, last but not least, remember that we are all passengers on this “Earth Ship.” – Be nice to each other and the environment.  I’m tired of people dropping their cigarettes, refuse and leftovers for me to squish with my shoes or sit in.  Yes, be nice!  A little kindness goes a long way!

What do you think, readers?  Do you have some things you’d like to see more – or less of- in your travels? Write in and I’ll post them!

Enjoy your travels – even if it means just taking an elevator with someone.  Try smiling and giving someone eye contact!  That will really shake people up!  They won’t believe you are just being friendly!


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Traveling to the Sun – Arizona and Phoenix

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

The first time I came to Arizona, it was a major revelation for me.  The sunny, blue skies were so welcoming – even at the 100-plus degree temperatures in the middle of summer.  I got off the plane and, when it was time to go back, I really didn’t want to!

If you are taking any airline except for Allegiant (see our blogs on our trip to Oregon), you’ll likely land at Phoenix at Sky Harbor Airport.  Terminals are large and do include amenities like moving sidewalks for some of the long walks from your arrival gate down to baggage claims. (more…)

Trippin’ out to Oregon

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Time to travel! We’ll be reporting on our travel to, around, in and beyond cities in Oregon. We’ve been before, but we never kept track – and it was years ago. So, on your behalf, we’ll be dishing on what, where and how much! (more…)

Dover Air Force Base Open House – A Vicarious Adventure

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

What do you think of when someone mentions Dover, Delaware?  Probably not much.


Dover Sole, the White Cliffs of Dover, maybe?  Or, the place where large corporations incorporate due to favorable tax advantages?


This obviously shows you are not from Delaware, although the last answer would be correct. (more…)

Nickle and Diming in the Airline Industry

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Remember when all you had to do was call for an airline reservation and some friendly person would talk to you?

Cost: Free

Then, as technology advanced you were given the option to book online OR, call that friendly reservation agent.

Cost: Free (for either service)

Fast forward to the year 2009. The following keywords are now in full force: (more…)

Adventures above the Earth – Powered Paragliding

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Mo Sheldon has a vision – and it’s high above the earth. Although he declares himself afraid of heights, Mo is one of two certified flight instructors in Arizona who teaches powered paragliding. He has always wanted to fly like a bird and, since 1998, he’s had his wish. Like the ancient-fabled Greek, Icarus, who flew too near to the sun and whose wings melted, since early man, many people have wished to fly. Mo makes people’s wishes come true with his company, Airparamo.


Powered Paragliding - Exhilarating!

Powered Paragliding - Exhilarating!


International Travel Planning…on Your Own…without a Net, Part 4

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Scotland: Fall 2009

Last week,  I came across a Web site that focuses on multi-stop itineraries for independent travelers. European Destinations lets you create your own trip or customize their suggested itineraries. As you add in hotels, car rentals, train passes, etc., the price of your trip upgrades so you know immediately what your costs are.

I tweaked my itinerary and then compared it to the hotel Web sites of those properties I selected as well as with to see if the prices were in line, or even better.

What I found was the following ($1.46 = £1): (more…)

International Travel Planning…on your own…without a net, Part 3

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Scotland: Fall 2009

Since last week, I have decided to cut back our trip from three to two weeks due to some timing issues that have come up.  So, there needed to be some consolidation.

It was then that I began to wonder if it was any cheaper to find a company that could consolidate all of my independent travel needs. (more…)

International Travel Planning…on your own…without a net, Part 2

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Scotland – - Fall – - 2009

It’s been a week since my first installment of planning a trip to Scotland on my own.  Have I come to my senses and handed it over to a travel agent yet?  Have I scrapped the whole idea and decided to sit on my sofa the entire time talking to people at my office on the company provided cell phone? 

Absolutely not! 

Actually, I’ve been on line looking for a kilt to wear to one of the Whiskey Week dinners! (more…)