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Travel to a View from the Rocks

Monday, January 17th, 2011

A few weeks ago, I promised to tell about the images on my new web site, That’s – Hiking for the Couch Potato – -

Head over there now!  (I’ll wait!)

Take a quick look at image number 4 at the top of the page (just scroll over) and you’ll see a reddish, sandstone rock that seems to have some people tucked in an opening.

Okay, now that you’ve seen that truly unusual natural development, wouldn’t you like to know where it is?

That image is the closest of the four to my home in Arizona.

It’s – Papago Park in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  Of the many natural formations in the central Arizona area, Papago Park allows visitors to come and hike up (from the area behind the photo you’re seeing) and look out at the world.  The walk is not too challenging, but since it’s terraced with some built in “stairs,” it would be tough for someone in a wheelchair.  However, most other people would be able to walk up to see the view.

Papago Park also is well-located, as it is near both the Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden.  Plan a day seeing all of those sights if you’re planning to come to Arizona.

And, despite the bad press Arizona is getting these days about guns, most of us are not gun-toting, wild west types spoiling for a fight.   You can expect to be treated well here as some of the most luxurious hotels and exotic scenery of the US southwest is right here in the Phoenix area.  And, the majority of people are well- behaved, law-abiding citizens.

Traveling to Yellowstone National Park

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Yellowstone, the first National Park in what later became a National Park System, is an incredible place to explore.  Sometimes, just driving can give you amazing views of the wildlife and natural wonders available.  The 2.2 million acres of Yellowstone are located in the northwest corner of Wyoming, with some of its land spilling into Idaho and Montana.

Yellowstone National Park southern entrance

Getting there

Entering Yellowstone from the south via Grand Tetons (more on that park another week) we drove in on Route 89/191/297.  We had paid for a park pass at Grand Teton that was good for both parks for seven days.  ($25 in our case, an annual pass is $50)

In late May, as we headed past Lewis Lake, the water was still frozen and it was still cold outside, as evidenced by our need to use the car’s defroster.  According to the map, the road on which we entered was actually closed until mid-May.  Apparently, only the two east and one north entrances are open year round.

First stop: Old Faithful and more

Everyone has heard about Old Faithful, (more…)

Planning a Getaway

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

NO, we’re not robbing a bank!  When it gets to this time of year in Phoenix, people start leaving.  The weather begins to be warmer and the snowbirds start flocking up north.

We have thoughts of migrating ourselves.  We have a short trip to LA coming up, but we’re also planning a longer stay.

But, where to go?  We have nine days and we want a new place –“somewhere where we’ve never been before.”

We had several ideas.  First, we’ll stay stateside since we’re not in the mood for customs and dealing with currency conversions.

Also, we don’t want an enormous plane ride.  We’re open to the possibility of a drive, but we don’t want to spend most of the vacation getting there.

I voted for open spaces, but I need to see water.  My husband also likes open spaces, but he likes mountains.

California?  Been there, done a lot of it.

Colorado?  Maybe.  I keep hearing about Durango and picturesque mountains.

Wyoming?  Certainly, it has the open spaces!

Idaho?  The scenery looks great in the brochures!

Washington (the state)?  We drove through on our way to Vancouver.  I’d get my water and my husband his mountains.

We’ve sent for new brochures.  Yes, I know, the mountains and natural features don’t change too much in a few years.  But, hotels and manmade items do change.

With visions of exploration and open vistas dancing in my head, I will sign off for now.

Come back next week, and we’ll share more about our plans.  Out west for sure!

Trippin’ out to Oregon

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Time to travel! We’ll be reporting on our travel to, around, in and beyond cities in Oregon. We’ve been before, but we never kept track – and it was years ago. So, on your behalf, we’ll be dishing on what, where and how much! (more…)

Why Would Anyone Want to Go to Prudhoe Bay? – Friday Favorite?

Friday, September 11th, 2009

By Guest Author Peggy Bradshaw
Photos by George Bradshaw

When I first got off of the airplane at Deadhorse, Alaska, I wanted to get right back on and fly away. It was 33 degrees and it was June 23, summer solstice, and the wind was blowing at least 30-40 miles an hour. We all climbed onto a tour bus (which was warm) and were taken to the motel where we would be staying, the Arctic Caribou Inn, while we experienced our unique visit to the oil fields of the North Slope of Alaska. (more…)

Travel to Mt. Vernon – Home to George Washington

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

By Guest Author Peggy Bradshaw
Photos by George Bradshaw

When we first arrived at Mt. Vernon, I didn’t realize it was going to be as extensive as it was. From the outside, the visitor center looks like any other visitor center, with its statues, gift shop and counters full of brochures and people to inform you of the wonders of the place you are about to see. Once you get through the visitor center, it is a whole other world outside. (more…)

Travel to RV Parks of the Eastern US

Monday, September 7th, 2009

By Guest Author Peggy Bradshaw

Photos by George Bradshaw

I can’t decide if I have a favorite RV park or not. There are many that I like because of different reasons. Most RV Parks and campgrounds have their own Web sites, complete with pictures for viewing.

One of my favorite parks is the Cherry Hill Park in College Park, MD, not only for its location but for its beauty and amenities. It is the closest RV Park to Washington, DC, and tour buses leave daily for tours of the DC area and bring you back. (more…)

War Memorials in Washington, DC

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

By Guest Author Peggy Bradshaw

My favorite War Memorial in Washington, DC is the Korean War Veterans Memorial with its band of realistic bronze soldiers warily and wearily crossing a field headed into harm’s way. Dedicated on the 42nd anniversary of the armistice, July 27, 1995, the memorial honors the more than 54,000 who died there, and the thousands of veterans of this conflict.

Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial - Photo by George Bradshaw


Friday Favorites: Travel to an Enchanted Place – Broadway

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Except for my home, I have rarely spent as many hours anywhere as I did in one particular place in New York City. That one place is known as Broadway.

Beyond the physical place, New York City, where theater is the center of the universe and 40 theaters are in a concentrated area, Broadway is a state of mind. Once you’ve been treated to a Broadway show, you’re hooked for life – at least I was.
My very first Broadway show, a special occasion with my grandmother, was The Sound of Music, starring Mary Martin. Dressed up, as people used to be to attend the performances, I settled into my plush seat. The house lights went down. Then, the enchantment began. Acting, sets, the orchestra, songs – they all combined magically. I left the theater singing one of the tunes and a confirmed theater-lover. (more…)

RV Parks in the Western USA

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

By Guest Author Peggy Bradshaw

When you are traveling to all of these great places out west, if you want to be economical, you might bring your RV.  Here are some places to stay…

The KOA Campgrounds across the country are usually very nice and well run.  One of the nicest is the one in Las Cruces, NM.  There are trees and a cement pad at every site and most are pull-thru, making it easier to get your rig in and out.   The Las Cruces campground has a wonderful pool and picnic/barbeque area, and a grassy area for those with tents.  The general store and gift shop offers western and native wares for purchase, along with restocking your rig.