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Travel to a Natural Wonder – Haystack Rock, Oregon

Continuing our travels in Oregon this week…

Jutting out of the Pacific Ocean on the beach at Cannon Beach, Oregon is the monolith called Haystack Rock. Like a magnet, it attracts birds, humans and the sea creatures that use it for shelter.

Haystack Rock and humans

Haystack Rock and humans

Since Haystack Rock is protected, people are not supposed to climb on it. However, creatures – both human and animal – find it very hard to stay away. On a several-mile stretch of beach at any given time, most of those on the beach are near or heading toward Haystack Rock.

Haystack Rock in the mist

Haystack Rock in the mist

One of the ten largest monoliths in the world, Haystack Rock forms the beach centerpiece for Cannon Beach. At 235 feet tall, human beings become dwarfed easily by Haystack Rock’s immense, but graceful, massiveness. Formed from volcanic activity millions of years ago, the monolith was created from lava flows, which resulted in its basalt composition.

In a location where summer cottages are built in tiers to overlook the ocean, a view of Haystack Rock is even more prestigious – and costly.

Haystack Rock with beach homes

Haystack Rock at high tide with neighboring beach homes

The coastline of Oregon is extremely photogenic, but Haystack Rock is one of the most photographed.

Tomorrow…Enjoy Cannon Beach

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