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Travel in Tough Times

Recognizing that times are tough, we know that people still have the wanderlust that makes them want to see new places and expand their horizons. To that end, and realizing that there is always something to do nearby, we will explore places to travel that might be just down the road or near you as well as far away.
Scaling back from a distant vacation might be a money saver, but sometimes the powers-that-be are offering very attractive packages that make it irresistible to take that long-awaited trip. Advantageous exchange rates can also make a difference if traveling in another country.
Traveling also might create new opportunities. Sitting in the airline terminal waiting for my plane on a recent weekend, I overheard a very busy woman juggling two cell phones setting up a business itinerary in Hawaii. Apparently, she was going to be hiring someone for a Hawaii location. I came “this close” to asking her about the job…
So, open your horizons. Someone you speak with might just be the key to amazing opportunities.
Let’s explore…

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