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Travel to the Garden: Idaho Botanical Garden

Not quite Eden, the Idaho Botanical Garden is a great place to slow the pace and enjoy some eye-popping color when you’re in Idaho.

A view of downtown Boise

Just east of downtown Boise by about three miles, the Idaho Botanical Garden is a great stop for a chance to amble about and enjoy nature.  Because they are located next to the former penitentiary, there is also a tour there to enjoy, if that’s of interest.

Since they have an “outlaw” connection, Outlaw Field, adjacent to the Garden, is also the site for concerts.  Coming up, they’re hosting concerts with big names like Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Chris Isaak, and Jackson Browne.

A profusion of white irises are framed by the Old Penitentiary
The Old Penitentiary forms a backdrop to the Idaho Botanical Garden

Inside the Garden

Once you’ve paid your admission ($4 adults, $3 seniors, $2 children 6-12), strolling the grounds gives you a chance to see what’s in bloom.  Irises in many colors were profusely growing in the late spring.

More irises

Some gorgeous hybrid irises

Quite lovely are the various paths with benches available for quiet contemplation.  We noticed a definite trend, with almost every bench being unique.  There are other interesting embellishments such as interesting gates, stone work, and sculpture.

Benches were quite unique

An Asian touch - with bench

Another bench

Demonstration gardens show you which types of plants are most appropriate for different environments.

A gate - one of many - all different

We spent several hours enjoying the gardens, photographing the natural and manmade beauty, and just relaxing.

Old Penitentiary frames the gorgeous gardens

If you’re in the Boise, Idaho area, we highly recommend a visit.  (And you can walk next door to the Old Penitentiary, if you’re so inclined, and pay to join a tour.)

NEXT WEEK: Join us at the Falls – Idaho Falls

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