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Travel to Boise – more on a great city

Over the years, we’ve been in many cities, both capitals and smaller cities.  Boise, Idaho ranks high in our estimation as one of the most attractive downtowns we’ve seen.

With a population of over 200,000, Boise still seems like an accessible and people-friendly place to live, raise children, work, and enjoy leisure time.

Fun looking place - but too late to enter

Boise Zoo entrance

Within a few blocks, there is a lovely park with a rose garden, a zoo, both a historical and art museum, an impressive university campus, a river, and a very moving memorial.  The city has a 25-mile green belt, so there is space to breathe and stretch, as you walk along the river.

Rose Garden in Boise

We spent an afternoon trekking around, just walking and seeing the city.  We left our car behind and took in the sights, which we’ll share with you –

Part of the park complex

Idaho Historical Museum

After a quick visit to scope out the library, usually one of our first stops, we walked through the Julia Davis Park where we saw the Idaho Historical Museum, the Discovery Center (an interactive science museum) and the Boise Art Museum.  As we passed the Art Museum, they were setting up for a private party on the rear lawn.

Boise Art Museum

The Municipal Rose Garden provided a few eye appealing minutes as we walked through the profusion of roses in bloom.

We walked by the Boise Zoo, but they were going to be closing soon, so we continued on.

One of the many impressive buildings at Boise State University

Morrison Center for the Performing Art at Boise State

We crossed a bridge leading to Boise State University, where the architecture was modern and appealing.  In this day of budget cuts, it was good to see the campus, obviously well kept.

One small part of a very large memorial

Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

Our last stop before we headed to dinner was the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, a sculptural center with waterfalls, interactive exhibits, and evocative statements showing the evils of war from a human perspective.  It was a somber and moving experience to read the words of those whose lives have been less fortunate, the innocent victims of war.

Another war victim - a child

Another child victim of war speaks

If you are in the northwest, don’t miss Boise.  When we have more time, we’ll be back to visit …

Come back next week for a visit to an impressive dam.

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